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Major tom

By | 05.10.2020

InDavid Bowie released his first album in the United Kingdom. The album contained a track about an astronaut named Major Tom, who pleas for someone to tell his wife he loves her as he floats off into space.

The song, "Space Oddity," and its central character could have easily been brushed off as a creative product of the psychedelic '60s — Sgt.

Pepper anyone? The track "Ashes to Ashes," a sequel to "Space Oddity" that referred to Major Tom as a junkie, "strung out in heaven's high. Of course, Bowie was known for his wild imagination, so even with this character featured in two different songs, there was still no major reason to assume Major Tom was based on a real astronaut.

major tom

Then, the intergalactic traveler showed up again in a track by German artist Peter Schilling in Schilling's tune, "Major Tom I'm Coming Home " retold the tragic story of Major Tom over a thumping techno beat, with completely different lyrics than the Bowie original.

Surely, the fact that multiple artists were referencing this unlucky spaceman meant that he must have been based on a real person, right? While in real life there were two Apollo astronauts named Tom, neither were a Major, and both made it safely back to Earth without incident — namely, Thomas P. Stafford of Apollo 10 and Thomas K. Mattingly of Apollo 16 [source: The Straight Dope ]. So where did "Major Tom" come from? Thanks to its release date in the late '60s — the track was released in the United States inright around the time of the moon landing.

Many mistakenly believe that the moon landing inspired Bowie's song. Instead, Bowie revealed in a interview that the character Major Tom was actually inspired by Stanley Kubrick's " A Space Odyssey ," combined with copious amounts of drugs [source: Hutchinson ]. When he came back to Major Tom in "Ashes to Ashes," Bowie was likely using the character to reference his own struggle with substance abuse [source: The Straight Dope ].

As for Peter Schilling's reference — while his track was clearly a sequel of sorts to the original Bowie song — he never spoke publicly about his motivation for releasing the tune. It's possible he was simply piggybacking off of Bowie's name and success — "Major Tom I'm Coming Home " was Schilling's biggest international hit, and his only top 40 hit in the United States [source: Songfacts. Why is scary music scary? Major Tom has been a recurring character throughout David Bowie's career, but was he actually a real live astronaut?

Hutchinson, Lydia.He met his demise when the TVCthe aircraft he was flying at the time, went down and crashed into the ocean. Years later, Doctor Thaddeus Venture attempted to salvage the TVC by using the Metasonic Locator to "reverse time" and remove all the debris that had covered the jetcraft. Instead, he accidentally brought back Major Tom as an undead corpse. When it came aboard the X-2it became screaming incoherently and loudly, though it was ultimately merely annoying.

Hank Venture and Dean Venture attempted to placate the spirit by calling his old wife Jeanie. It worked for a while, but the Action Man interjected and mentioned she had married him in Tom's absence.

Major Tom's Authentic Tarot in Dallas

This set the ghost of Major Tom off even worse. However, Brock Samson quickly dismembered Tom's ghost and threw its remains back into the ocean's depths. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Major Tom The Venture Bros. Contents [ show ]. Major Tom in his last few moments before the crash. Categories :. The Venture Bros. The dead Major Tom speaking to his wife.

Ghosts of the Sargasso. James Urbaniak alive Chris McCulloch as ghost. Jeanie wife when alive, remarried The Action Man after death.

Original Team Venture Team Venture.Despite competing in four separate series of Robot WarsMajor Tom never enjoyed great success, having only reached the second round in Series 4 and 5, while it was eliminated in the first round of Series 6 and 7.

Major Tom (Coming Home)

Its best performance was in the Annihilator during the second series of Extremewhere it finished third. Despite taking on many different forms, every version of Major Tom except for Series 3 was always painted in the colours of the Union flag. Major Tom was also famous for its plastic bubble-gum dispenser head which was present on every machine that featured on the televised show. The head itself was either knocked off or destroyed easily, as shown during Major Tom's most infamous moment after its loss to The head also sported different head gear throughout Major Tom's appearances; a cap in Series 4, a helmet and crown in Series 5, 6 and both Extremes, and just a crown in Series 7.

In Extreme 1, the robot became more box-shaped with a vertical spinning disc on the front, rotating at 35mph and the body was made from a cut-down bumper car body, found by team member Joe Brown, and a garden water barrel, the robot travelling at 10mph. In Series 5, the chassis was shortened from the front to reduce weight and fit in larger motors.

A roll-bar was added to the top of the machine for Series 6 and Extreme 2 to act as a srimech though its weakness is labelled as not having oneand the blades on the disc were also enlarged to cause more damage. In Series 7, a new design known as Major Tom 3 was entered, which was an invertible two-wheel driven, box-wedge shaped robot with a double clamping spike on the front.

It was much slower than its predecessor with only a top speed of 4mph, as a result of much stronger motors and low gearing, but had good pushing power, and a broad surface. The robot's name came from the astronaut in the David Bowie song "Space Oddity"most pertinently the lyric "Ground Control to Major Tom", and Craig Charles and Jonathan Pearce frequently made jokes involving the song's lyrics. Additionally, the robot's title as a "Major" would allow it to, in Henry Ryan's own words, out-rank Sergeant Bash.

The Series 3 version of Major Tom was very different to all of its successors, mainly because it did not have its trademark head or Union Jack colours. It was white with blue, green and red triangle shapes painted on it.

Its weapon was a lifting device that had a secondary usage as a split scoop. It was originally meant to be a tracked robot, but the rubber tracks were replaced with wheels for the qualifier.

The robot was also 13kg overweight so the team had to replace the thick steel shell with aluminium. During the Series 3 qualifiers, Major Tom was able to navigate the assault course perfectly, but still was not chosen to compete in the main competition. At the Series 4 qualifiers, Major Tom faced the returning Killertron. Both robots fought an even contest for the full five minutes of the bout, with the win eventually being given to Killertron based on damage. Although Major Tom lost the battle, it received a discretionary place in the Fourth Wars, and also qualified for the Fifth Wars in the following year.

Major Tom was immediately targeted by Roobarb due to it being the most experienced robot in the qualifier, but managed to roll over whenever it was flipped.

Was “Major Tom” the astronaut a real person?

Over the course of the battle, the unidentified spinner and Hell's Teeth became immobilised. Roobarb's flipper had also broken, so Major Tom was able to survive for almost the full battle, engaging in a pushing match until losing most of its power. Although Roobarb was declared the winner via Judges' decision, Major Tom was given a discretionary place in the Sixth Wars. Major Tom 3 faced Armadrillo and Thor in its Series 7 qualifier.

It would ultimately lose the battle to Thor, but successfully qualified for the Seventh Wars through a discretionary place.

Major Tom paraded through this opening battle, first driving round the back of Shadow of Napalm before missing a charge against Disc-O-Inferno. It then turned on the reverse and drove over a flame jet, before ramming Shadow of Napalm from the side. Major Tom bumped into Shadow of Napalm again, this time from behind, but it failed to get underneath with its lifter effectively, which then became stuck open. After the three machines came together near the centre of the arena, Major Tom pushed Shadow of Napalm from the side again.

While Disc-O-Inferno was flipped by the Floor Flipper, Major Tom had just enough time at the end of the battle to slam the limping Shadow of Napalm machine into the arena side wall, and used its now functioning lifting ramp to tilt the seeded robot sideways before cease was called. However, because of poor editing this attack wasn't properly demonstrated on screen. Both robots moved through to the next round nonetheless.Left: Cover art for 'Space Oddity,' the re-titled re-release of David Bowie's eponymous album.

Right: a still from ' A Space Odyssey' Source: Discogs. David Bowie's single "Space Oddity" has a more memorable opening line than its actual title which appears nowhere in the lyricsand it offers fairly harrowing science-fiction -- for Major Tom, the mission does not end well.

Even though the song got off to a slow start, the track reached 5 in the UK and -- three years later -- 15 in the US. Source: pinterest. This last phrase, by the way, might not be a request for a clothing endorsement, as it sounds to Americans.

Asking to know "whose shirt you wear" may be a slangy British way of inquiring which football soccer team Tom supports. There are numerous fan theories about where Bowie got the idea for a song about a homesick, doomed astronaut.

He told author Bill Demain :. Source: IMDB. The connection to A Space Odyssey works on many levels, and it's fair to say that the song couldn't have existed without the film. The title of the song is clearly taken from the movie -- "space oddity" being one consonant sound off from "space odyssey. Inwe see a similar moment when HAL severs Frank Poole's oxygen tube, sending the doomed astronaut hurling into space. In both works, the humans are completely dependent upon technology; if it fails, they'll die up there.

And that's exactly what does happen. The deranged computer HAL kills not only Poole but also crew members who are in suspended animation. Major Tom's ship fails somehow, it's not explained and he's left alone in space with no way of getting home. He explained :. To get the opaque textures of the song, Bowie and producer Gus Dudgeon worked out the song on paper and in demo form prior to hitting the studio.

In Dudgeon told Sound International magazine :.With a character unofficially related to " Major Tom ", the protagonist of David Bowie 's song " Space Oddity ", the song is about the character being caught in an accident in space.

The song was originally recorded in German and released in West Germany on January 3, It reached No. The English version was first released in the United States on September 24, InSchilling made and released a remixed version along with Bomm Bastic, titled "Major Tom 94". Another remix was released intitled "Major Tom ", and yet another intitled "Major Tom ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Cash Box magazine. December 22, Peter Schilling. Major Tom. Major TomK. BlackstarDavid Bowie. Seeking Major TomWilliam Shatner.

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major tom

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major tom

Major Tom unknown. It's a form of auto-erotic asphyxiation by using gravity. Basically, you jack off normally; but before you nut, you squat down as low as you can to the ground and breathe short shallow breaths while still whacking it. This part is called "Getting in the shuttle.

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Because the next thing I know I was laying on the ground with my dick out, covered in space juices from my trip around the sun. A fictional astronaut in David Bowie's lyrics. Also, as a metaphor: altered state of consciousness with or without drugspeople in such state, who lose a sense of reality have no ground control. It is a way to masterbate where you jack off normally, but before you nut, you squat down as low as you can to the ground and breathe short shallow breaths while still whacking it.

By hyperventilating and jumping up, you are literally cutting your brain off from oxygen. After passing out you come crashing down with a thunderous boom. This is called "Reentry" It is at this point where your mother walks in to see you laying there covered in your " Star Dust ".

Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Coming Home)

Be sure to glare at her with the confidence of Buzz Aldrin. She will then stomp out of the room without saying a word.

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This part is called " Disappointing your mother. I performed a Major Tom last night. I still have not left my room. I don't know what to say to my mom. A person who cannot hear you, no matter how many times you repeat their name. The term is derived from the song Space Oddity. Person 1: "Can you hear me Major Tom? A masturbation technique where you squat before you finish and start hyperventilating.

As you finish jump up like a rocket and breath out. This will cause you to enter a transcendental state where you feel like you are floating in space as you orgasm.

If one will attempt this, ensure there is a soft place to land on. My friend tried the Major Tom, and he says he will never be able to orgasm normally again. An auto-erotic asphyxiation technique using only gravity. It is performed in three steps: 1 Getting in the Shuttle: Masturbate till you are close to orgasm and then squat down while taking short shallow breaths.


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